Friday, July 20, 2007

Deathly Hallows Already On Its Way?

Updated Update - Well, Blaise confirmed it when he went home early. The book is not there. This means that Amazon/UPS have created a situation where the false positive deliveries will more than likely anger a lot of excitable people (like me). I believe that the delivery means that it was successfully delivered to the distribution trucks in Columbia and I'll still be receiving it sometime tomorrow. I can't confirm this as I don't want to do any searches that might result in me stumbling upon a spoiler. Ah...obsession.

Update - Constant vigilance pays off!

What in the blue blazes!? I thought it wasn't supposed to be delivered until tomorrow night? Well, after checking the tracking number on I guess UPS has a different status for when it's on the truck.

According to Amazon...

According to UPS...


  1. I think Holler is enjoying the book on your Dock right now...

  2. Now that the adrenaline rush has passed, I think you're right. I believe that this is a false positive and that the book has been shipped to a common dock for dispersal starting tomorrow. I am now only somewhat considering driving back home for lunch.